A history of more than
than thirty-five years

Our long professional development path has allowed us to acquire experience and skills, both relational and technical.
Thanks to our positive spirit and our wealth of experience, we are now able to deal with clients and partners from all over the world, guaranteeing them reliability and competence.


Trends, market
and territory

The widespread presence on the territory with offices from Lecco to Bellano, connected to the F.I.M.A.A. recognitions, make the Molteni Family the real point of reference for the real estate market in Varenna and its surroundings for those looking for a quality real estate experience. The strong relationship between the place and our agents gives us a significant advantage in terms of relationships and knowledge.


All-round services,
a comprehensive offer

Molteni Real Estate is able to offer a complete and transversal service with respect to the real estate market of reference. We support our clients in every phase of the sale and/or leasing process, personally taking care of all the bureaucratic, fiscal and administrative tasks. Over time, our offer has been enriched with additional services and solutions with the aim of responding quickly and across the board to heterogeneous needs.


Family management, entrepreneurial character

The combination of father and son gives the business a strong entrepreneurial character which is combined with the dynamism and skills of a young, up-to-date team. The family imprint is transmitted directly to the staff of Molteni Real Estate, generating a strong sense of belonging and a positive spirit of collaboration.

quality and exclusivity

Dedication to detail,
exclusive solutions

Every customer is important to us and we try to demonstrate this on a daily basis by doing our best work.
Maximum attention to detail, constant presence, continuous updating and a targeted scouting activity on the best properties available on Lake Como, give us the possibility to offer a quality service and exclusive properties.


in English

About 80% of the negotiations we conduct are with clients who do not speak our language. That's why we specialise in international transactions. Just as we handle entire correspondences and enquiries in English, we are able to understand the doubts and concerns of different targets, and to satisfy their investment requests on Lake Como in a short time.

come and meet us

We look forward to seeing you in our offices

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Varenna, Imbarcadero

since 1982


Many call it "The Pearl of the Lake".
Varenna is where the Molteni family lives and works
family lives and works: the founder of the business
was the town's mayor,
and contributed to the transformation
the town into a popular tourist destination.

Molteni is Varenna, Varenna is Molteni.

Varenna, Vezio Castle.
a team of experts

Molteni Real Estate

F.I.M.A. Lecco qualified agents and trained assistants, able to handle correspondence in English.

Carlo Molteni
Estate Agent
Paolo Molteni
Estate Agent
Molteni Real Estate - Andrea Invernizzi 2
Andrea Invernizzi
Management Consultant
Assistant Estate Agent
Assistant Estate Agent
Assistant Real Estate Agent
Molteni Real Estate - Sabrina
Assistant Estate Agent
molteni-Virginie 2
Administration Varenna Holidays
Administration Varenna Holidays
Molteni Real Estate - Luca
Administration Varenna Holidays
Booking Varenna Holidays
Molteni Real Estate - Diego
Booking Varenna Holidays
Molteni Real Estate - Davide
Booking Varenna Holidays
Maintenance Varenna Holidays
Interior Designer and Professional Photographer