Strategic consulting for small and large investors

Our mission is to optimize business and/or personal management.

By analyzing your profile from financial, banking, and insurance perspectives, we support you in changing to take advantage of more advantageous market conditions and more competitive partners.

Our strategy

We act as a single point of contact for individuals, artisans, traders or companies thanks to the Molteni Group's decades of experience and the breadth of its services, making the most of the principle of communicating vessels.


We find optimal solutions to resolve issues quickly, taking advantage of close cooperation with esteemed professionals in the tax, notary, legal and technical fields.

Analysis, solutions, results: put your trust in experienced professionals


We accompany the client with an in-depth examination of the possibility of contracting financing, checking the financial, income and overall situation, providing upstream advice on the feasibility of the transaction.

We analyze financial statements, bank statements, bank situations, loan agreements, financial balance, proper leverage assistance by providing an in-depth examination of annual charges incurred in terms of rates and fees.


We inform the client about the characteristics of the financing, tailoring it to the specific needs of the counterparty, and staying abreast of market developments.

We evaluate market offers to propose the one most convenient and suitable for your needs.

We provide optimization strategies by advising financial partners, thanks to direct experience in the banking world of more than 20 years.


We accompany the client in the preparation of useful documentation for the purpose of the actual application and processing of the loan file, facilitating the client and optimizing the timing.


We offer assistance in dealing with lenders, renegotiating terms aligned and parameterized with the market or providing alternative and innovative solutions.

Become the protagonist of your change and save money with our support