Tourist housing boom: real estate investment on the rise after health emergency

Since the health emergency, the tourist housing market has moved substantially. With the end of the pandemic, the need for smart-working has not waned, which, added to the rising cost of money due to the upswing in inflation, are elements that still contribute to investment in real estate. Real estate has always been considered a safe haven for savings, as opposed to financial products that are more prone to fluctuations and high risks. Factors that are leading Italians to stay in holiday homes amplifying the demand for units at the seaside or in the mountains, favoring purchases and sales in these Hamlet. In fact, an additional factor that is positively influencing tourist buying and selling is the trend in interest rates. In the first period they were very favorable, and it was inevitable that they favored transactions. Buying and selling, however, remained high even during 2023, despite the sharp rise in the cost of money.

Preliminary data for 2023 shows that tourist housing sales are growing more than those of other Hamlet. And this shows that tourist properties are still a kind of safe haven asset that people invest in to protect the value of their savings. In short, people buy real estate in Hamlet tourism not only for their own use but also as an investment that can generate income. This also spills over into prices, which are rising further due to the fact that demand is still greater than supply.